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Keyboards News:

Kim Kashkashian: J.S. Bach: Six Suites for Viola Solo

In the hands of the master violist, this famous stretch of Bach’s music become body music, rooted in breath and wood and muscle....

David Bowie: Loving the Alien (1983-1988)

Bowie was never more popular during this period, one he looked back on with guilt and bile. But Loving the Alien offers a reset for listeners—to hear these albums fresh, liberated from their composer’s dismissive opinions....

Molly Burch: First Flower

On her second album, the Austin singer-songwriter strengthens her voice and broadens her perspective, turning her gaze from romance to a more nuanced view of her own anxieties....

Young Jesus: The Whole Thing Is Just There

On their best album, this fascinating “philosophy jam band” begins with indie rock touchstones and then explores the fringes of those ideas....

Cloud Nothings: Last Building Burning

Jaded, nihilistic, and heavy: Dylan Baldi leads his band into one of the most self-immolating and intense albums of his career....

Calvin Johnson: A Wonderful Beast

With help from the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney and erstwhile pop star Michelle Branch, the DIY icon finds new ways to tease out light and dark, allure and anxiety with his key-ignoring baritone....

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