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Kelly Moran: Origin EP

The New York pianistís stripped-back companion piece to her electronic-tinged 2018 album Ultraviolet is an engrossing ode to the act of creation....

Tyler, the Creator: IGOR

Tyler, the Creatorís sixth album is impressionistic and emotionally charged, the result of an auteur refining his style and baring more of his soul than ever before....

Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986

This compilation of extra smooth, funky, and sometimes very odd songs from the heydey of Japanís technological boom is a broad yet nuanced introduction to the genre of city pop....

Olden Yolk: Living Theatre

The Brooklyn groupís second album frames heavy questions in lovely, deceptively serene psych rock....

Spice Girls: Spice

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit the sleek pop, British nationalism, and commercial girl power of the Spice Girlsí debut....

Black Dice: Natty Light

This collection of 7s and compilation tracks documents the bandís formative years, in which frenzied hardcore and proto-screamo was rapidly churning toward more radical strains of noise....

SKU-47632 Yamaha Montage 6 61-Key Flagship Synthesizer from Guitar Center  sku

Yamaha Montage 6 61-Key Flagship Synthesizer - 47632 by Yamaha

Item description: This Keyboards Synthesizers and Sound Modules product is by Yamaha - <p></p>In their new flagship keyboard, the MONTAGE, Yamaha debuts the Motion Control Synthesis Engine, which combines and controls two iconic sound engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and subtractive synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure Frequency Modulation synthesis.) These two engines can be freely zoned or layered across eight parts in a single MONTAGE Performance.<br /><br>The Motion Control Synthesis Engine is a programmable control matrix for creating deep, dynamic and expressive sound. With Motion Control, you can create new sounds that were not possible possible on previous hardware synthesizers. It is truly a new world of synthesis. <br><br>One of the great advantages of any Yamaha product is their relentless design team, which routinely issues model upgrades and improvements. Released in September 2016, the version 1.2 iteration offers you MONTAGE Connect,&nbsp;a free VST3/AU plug-in and standalone PC/MAC application that offers user arpeggio creation, performance recorder loop playback, separate USB connection monitor volume setting and Super Knob control via MIDI CC message.<br><br>On the computer side is MONTAGE Connect, a free VST3/AU plug-in and standalone PC/MAC application that integrates MONTAGE with popular DAW software like Cubase, Logic, Live!, Studio One, Reaper, ProTools and others. You can capture and recall a MONTAGE Performance within a DAW project, transfer MONTAGE Performance Recordings to DAW project via drag-and-drop, load and save MONTAGE bulk files (.X7B), and organize MONTAGE Performances as VST3 Presets in the Cubase Media Bay/Sound Browser (Cubase only).<br><br><strong>The Super Knob</strong><br>With the Super Knob you can ceate dynamic sound changes by controlling multiple parameters simultaneously, which provides a wide open palette for sound creation and sound behavior.<br><br>As an example, you can change your listening position from right in front of an instrument to in the back seat of a concert hall, or you can change the ch<ul><li>A fusion of DX and Motif technologies with exponentially greater processing power</li><li>Incredible sound libraries with vast sample data</li><li>Unprecedented sound control and organizational features for live or studio</li><li>Studio class effects</li><li>State-of-the-art connectivity</li></ul>... Learn More

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Keywords: Yamaha, Synthesizers

Store: Guitar Center is home to the world's largest selection of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations, drums, percussion, microphones, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear and more. Backed by over 260 stores across the country, offers the fastest, easiest way to find all the gear you need in one place.

Category: Synthesizers and Sound Modules


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