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Conner Youngblood: Cheyenne

The ambient, intimate debut from singer Conner Youngblood uses layered folk impressionism to evoke the kind of feelings that elude easy definition....

Ariana Grande: Sweetener

After years of searching, Ariana Grande has found her true voice. Sweetener is an exemplary pop album, radiating with low-key joy and newfound love....

Iglooghost: Clear Tamei EP / Steel Mogu EP

On a brightly colored pair of EPs, the UK musician builds upon the fantasy world he introduced on 2017’s Neo Wax Bloom: a cartoon universe characterized by digital overload....


On the Portland rapper’s surprise “EP/LP/Mixtape/Album,” his feel-good music starts to lose some of the stained, lived-in quality that once made it so rich....

Rebel Wizard: Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response

Australia’s Bob Nekrasov fuses black metal’s gravelly aesthetic with heavy riffs and gloriously over-the-top imagery; it’s a celebration of the very contradictions that make metal so thrilling....

Odetta Hartman: Old Rockhounds Never Die

On her second album, the kaleidoscopic future-folk sounds of Odetta Hartman are brought into immaculate focus....