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Usher & Zaytoven: “A”

Usher and Zaytoven’s “collaborative project“ is a solid homage to the duo’s beloved Atlanta roots and the city’s sound that has permeated just about every corner of popular music....


The proper, widescreen debut from Quavo is filled with passable, professional songs that and pale when compared to nearly any full-length Migos record....

Current 93: The Light Is Leaving Us All

The latest from experimental musician David Tibet is an arduous but rewarding album, the feeling of listening to a preacher behind the pulpit, or a doomsayer on the soapbox....

Elvis Costello & the Imposters: Look Now

Joined by his Imposters in the studio for the first time in a decade, the silver-tongued songwriter turns tunes from abandoned musicals into a surprisingly cohesive record....

Yowler: Black Dog in My Path

The All Dogs leader adds a rock band behind much of her second solo album, but she somehow sounds more alone on those songs than on the record’s unflinching acoustic tunes....

The Dodos: Certainty Waves

After their longest break in a decade, the acoustic-and-drums duo return with hopes of reorienting their singular sound through the help of more electronics....

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