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8ULENTINA: Bodyguard

The co-founder of Oakland’s Club Chai merges samples of Turkish and Middle Eastern music with club beats on an EP that casts a skeptical eye on club culture’s promise of personal liberation....

Strand of Oaks: Eraserland

Fusing post-punk touchstones with his heartland-rock heroes, a reinvigorated Timothy Showalter comes back to the light....

Flume: Hi This Is Flume

The Australian electronic-music producer and streaming behemoth signals a shift in his approach with a surprise mixtape featuring appearances from JPEGMAFIA and SOPHIE....


On their second proper album, the already-bizarre Quebec experimentalists splice and reformulate their DNA to become even more aggressively strange....

Andrew Bird: My Finest Work Yet

After a string of releases that sometimes felt like hearing Bird think himself in circles, the singer-songwriter relaxes into his most plainly and darkly funny album in a long time....

Jayda G: Significant Changes

The Canadian DJ, producer, and marine biologist bridges worlds on her debut album, weaving orcas’ songs and conservationist messages into deep-diving tracks aimed at inclusive dancefloors....