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White Reaper: You Deserve Love

With harmonized guitars, spring-loaded rhythms, and snotty hooks, the Louisville bands major-label debut is a well-earned success that doesnt quite feel like a triumph....

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Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis

In the fourth volume of a proposed 12-part suite, the saxophonist fuses free jazz and folk spirituals into an ecstatic confrontation with American history at its darkest....

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Bonnie Baxter: AXIS

The self-described mutant reps the New York underground at its freakiest on a fast-past, collage-heavy album of club rhythms, noise blasts, and unsettling humor....

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Nils Frahm: All Encores

The adventurous musician and composer takes a step back toward a simpler, sparer sound....

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Floating Points: Crush

After a run of dates playing obtuse, strange music as a warm-up act for the xx, Sam Shepherd translates that experimental energy to an album of mischievous, melodic, stripped-down electronic music....

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Battles: Juice B Crypts

Now down to a duo, the busy instrumentalists recruit Tune-Yards, Shabazz Palaces, and the singer of Yes for their aggressive fourth album....

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Sorry Girls: Deborah

The Montreal synth-pop duo explore an alternate 80s where ethereal, post-goth dream pop sounds almost indistinguishable from lush, adult-contemporary soft rock....

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