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Shame: Drunk Tank Pink

Read Madison Blooms review of the album....

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Tony Shhnow: Kill Streak

The Atlanta rapper leaves the candy-coated comfort zone of his previous mixtape and stands out in a competitive rap lane....

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Morgan Wallen: Dangerous: The Double Album

Read Owen Myers review of the album....

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Four Tet: Parallel / 871

Read Philip Sherburnes review of the album....

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Heather Trost: Petrichor

The New Mexico musicians second album has no shouts, no sudden guitar outbursts, no startling tom thwacks. Instead, she layers arrangements so thick it feels like you could lie down in them....

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Jazmine Sullivan: Heaux Tales

Read Mankaprr Contehs review of the album....

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Mourn: Self Worth

Read Steven Arroyos review of the album....

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