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Kornél Kovács: Stockholm Marathon

The Swedish producer’s second full-length album is streaked with bright, bold melodies yet marked with a lightness of touch that’s unusual in dance music....

Diane Coffee: Internet Arms

On his third release as the genre-bending alter ego Diane Coffee, Shaun Fleming explores the trap of online intimacy....

Daniel Norgren: Wooh Dang

The hermetic Swedish bedroom-pop auteur spins out songs of electric uplift and dreamy solitude on his first international release....

03 Greedo: Still Summer in the Projects

The incarcerated Watts rapper’s latest release, a collaboration with Mustard, is exultant and Dionysian....

Bruce Hornsby: Absolute Zero

Jazz fusion, chamber pop, modern classical—if your awareness of Hornsby stops at the lite-FM radio dial, prepare to be disoriented....

SOB x RBE: Family Not a Group

The Bay Area rap crew’s collaboration with Hit-Boy catches them in a moment of furious flux....