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Nav: Reckless

The Toronto rapperís debut is a long shot at cementing his legacy that is plagued by indecision and self-doubt....

Lil Baby: Harder Than Ever

Lil Babyís official debut is technically impressive: polished, efficient, but also kind of nondescript....

Sarah Louise: Deeper Woods

On her third solo album, North Carolina guitarist Sarah Louise Henson steps beyond her vivid acoustic work and into a realm of glowing studio experimentation and layered vocals....

Surgeon: Luminosity Device

Inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Birmingham techno producer puts a fresh spin on his pummeling club tracks; the album is equally suited for dancefloor abandon and spiritual searching....

Jennifer Castle: Angels of Death

The Toronto singerís album is a country and gospel-infused meditation on death and mourning that flickers between the broadly universal and the devastatingly personal....

Moomin: Yesterdayís Tomorrows

On his third album, Berlin producer Sebastian Genz switches up his dreamy house sound with forays into drum Ďní bass and boom-bap hip-hop but canít shake his nostalgia addiction....