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No Home: Fucking Hell

Surviving under capitalism is a drag--its the oldest story in rocknroll--but No Home captures the weight of its dehumanization in a uniquely visceral way....

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Gucci Mane: So Icy Summer

Buried somewhere in this overstuffed, 80-minute crew compilation is Guccis best album in years....

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Greg Foat: Symphonie Pacifique

The prolific British pianist-keyboardist-composers work is centered on place, partnership, and circumstance. Mostly abandoning jazz, he crafts an idiosyncratic, pastoral opus....

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Cloud Nothings: The Black Hole Understands

Rather than lean into the gimmick of a bedroom record, Cloud Nothings quarantine album disguises relatively amateur equipment behind clean melodies and power-pop nostalgia....

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Inexorum: Moonlit Navigation

On their beautiful second LP, the Minneapolis duo conjure the grandeur of Scandinavian extreme metal with reverence....

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Massey Fucking Hall

This live album, recorded in 2017 at the venerated Toronto concert hall, shows the duo sounding reliable and downright professional. Its missing the wild utopian energy that characterizes their albums and their best performances....

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Speaker Music: Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry

DeForrest Brown Jr.s most ambitious release yet is a 49-minute suite that brings together fractured, shuddering drum programming with spoken-word poetry, collage, and noise....

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